I think of myself as visual artist and have worked in photography, film, and video. My world travels have taken me to places where my lens can easily feast its eye. My work includes documentary productions in Cambodia, Zimbabwe and India and extensive photography work throughout the world that has appeared in Galleries, Exhibits and assorted publications,

My eclectic creative journey began in the 60’s as the drummer in the band Sweet Smoke that toured throughout the world and recorded 4 albums for EMI (
I returned to the United States in the late 70’s to earn a Fine Arts degree in Gold and Silversmithing at SUNY New Paltz and arrived in NYC in the early 80’s just in time to join the team that developed MTV Networks.

During that same period I programmed the drum tracks for the seminal dance tech record Planet Rock for Tommy Boy Records and producer Arthur Baker. This track has been named as one of the 500 songs that have shaped rock n’ roll.

I continue to explore creativity through music, film, photography, documentary production, and video, always keeping a watchful eye for new approaches.

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